Tower Climbing Safety Classes

VSS101 –Tower Climbing Safety – $325.00
This one day course will cover the fundamentals of tower climbing and PPE safety. Students will spend the first half of the day in class learning the basics of climbing, equipment, tower styles and site hazards. Balance of the day will be spent on a tower practicing and performing the tasks learned in class.


This class is recommended for the person who is new to the industry and has no experience in tower climbing and climbing equipment terminology, use or inspection.

VSS211 Authorized Non-Climber Safety and Rescue – $725.00
This two day class coincides and interacts with students taking VSS212. This course is developed for non-climbers such as ground workers, supervisors, and other tower site personal that do not climb but do need to know what safe climbing and suitable rescue procedures are.

VSS101 or equivalent is required to take VSS211 Authorized “Non-Climber” Safety & Rescue

VSS212 – Authorized Climber Safety and Rescue – $725.00
This two-day class coincides and interacts with students taking VSS211 & VSS313. Authorized Climber Safety and Rescue exceeds OSHA1926.503, NATE CTS, ANSI Standards and recommendations pertaining to training requirements for fall protection safety. Students will be taught to understand the mechanics and correct procedures for selection, use and operation of the equipment and tools used on the job. This course also covers employee roles and responsibilities, OSHA law, company policy, site hazards, rope, knots, equipment inspection, care and maintenance, rigging, safety plan, coworker rescue, self-rescue, and controlled descent.

VSS101, equivalent class or 6 months verified climbing experience is required to take VSS212.

VSS313 – Advanced Tower Climber and Rescuer – $975.00
This three-day class coincides and interacts with students taking VSS211 & VSS212. Advanced Competent Climber and Rescuer is designed to exceed OSHA training requirements, NATE CTS for Competent Climber/Rescuer and ANSI training standards. This certification course is recommended for crew leaders, site supervisors, safety representatives and tower personal who are required to be certified in competent climber/rescuer. This training provides individuals with the required skills to safely distinguish evaluate and control hazards related to tower work at heights. Course will conclude with a full day of hands on tower training for proper selection of fall protection equipment, correctly rigging a variety of rescue equipment for a range of possibilities and, rescue of a victim considering the probable injuries sustained.

VSS212 or equivalent is required to take VSS313.

Course curriculums are designed to exceed the standards, regulations, and recommendations required of the tower industry who must provide fall protection and rescue training to tower climbers, regardless of their task on the tower. All courses consist of interactive classroom sessions, hands on exercises, and real time on a tower to enhance the learning process. Certification courses are developed to promote safety while climbing and exceed OSHA, ANSI, and NATE Climber Training Standards.

Course materials include comprehensive manuals that are a valuable resource during training and in the field. Student manuals contain over 400 pages of information that each student takes home and can be referenced as needed. Certification courses require successful completion of a written exam and tower maneuver test. All courses are documented with individual student records that include exam results, skill observations, field check list, and class hours. In addition to giving our clients copies of pertinent credentials for an employee’s file, we also maintain all records for 5 years. Upon successful completion of all aspects of training each student is provided with a unique ID number along with wallet photo ID card and certificate of certification. Student participation is required for all courses.

Students taking VSS212 & VSS313 are required to bring their own climbing gear to class, Vertical Safety Solutions provides gear for new and non-experienced climbers. Vertical Safety Solutions firmly believes a climber should be familiar with as much equipment as possible due to the many variances in manufactures style and uses of equipment and tools. A wide variety of different harnesses, connecting devices, and ascend/descending apparatus is available during class that can be tested and used by all students while taking any of the courses offered.

All classes are open enrollment and are held at Vertical Safety Solutions facility in LeRoy, MI unless otherwise noted. Seating is limited to 12 students per class. See our Training Calendar for dates, locations and class availability.

Climbing Classes Under Development

  • Hands-on tilt up tower training
  • Tower foundations and erection
  • Rigging and working with cranes
  • OSHA 10/30/40, Recordkeeping, and Cost of Injury
  • New Climber Boot Camp
  • Ground crew safety and responsibility
  • PPE Inspection Certification